Saturday, March 6, 2010

Clutter Is Bad

Today I personally did very little. I did not do my homework yet, but I did play call of duty all night. That was productive... rite? I know all work and no play makes Jeremiah a dull boy but all play and no work makes Jeremiah a lazy Guy! I Did listen to one CD. It was Greg Francis, He is a really good speaker. he talks about the hardships and building the business. Tomorrow Is our team connect! this is where the whole team gets together and check interest of potential people we want to work with. I have to work @ 6am tomorrow so I should sign off. to recap... I did very little and drug ass with my work... THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO GO DIAMOND! The pace of the group is determined by the pace of the leader. Our group is in trouble.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Day In Paradise

Today was very productive. I woke up early and got my first CD in. It was Lets Go diamond and it was great. gary gordon is awesome. I drew out my group and saw the need to build width to hit the next two brackets. I made no contacts today but talked to people all day at my JOB. I utilized the Disk factors to optimize my influence in the conversations and asked questions about themselves. This netted me 4 residual customers. My BIG FISH called promptly at the agreed time to go through the PQV and tell me he cant be at home at a computer. Instead of being pushy... I told him thats fine, but we are progressing with other candidates with or without him soon. He was eager to find a new time to walk onto the site. Because I did not sell him he was more willing to jump through hoops because he sees value, not a problem. Altho I would like him to be on my team because his sphere of influence is very large, I will not turn a non-looker into a looker. If he did take part in my group his list would be huge, and all above my influence and excitement level. I am reading the book (questions are the answers) and the book is awesome from chapter one. the author really put his best foot forward. Stay tuned for the full summery. Jeremiah Miller... OUT

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The journey begins!

This blog is about Jeremiah Miller (myself) and the record of the activity and progress of my work to become the business owner I know I can be. This log is for nobody else but myself but others may read my daily posts for inspiration or a laugh :) No matter how long it takes me I AM GOING DIAMOND!